Who pays for shipping?

The Buyer pays for shipping during checkout and we provide a prepaid USPS shipping label to the Seller with instructions to ship the item within 5 days. Both the Buyer and Seller receive updates and tracking information throughout the shipping process.

Can I choose which items are allowed to be resold?

Yes! As a Treet Merchant, you can select which items your customers can resell within your Treet site. You can also make condition requirements and determine minimum selling prices to ensure items aren't sold below a given price.

Can Buyers return items?

All sales on Treet are final unless the item does not arrive in the promised condition. In those cases, Buyers can file a Claim and if accepted, we provide a prepaid return label then a full refund after the item is in the mail.

Will this cannibalize sales of new products?

The resale shopper is a different customer than those shopping new and a huge percentage of shoppers on Treet are net new for our brands. Additionally, the revenue that comes back to your brand through Treet combined with the number of new customers your brand is reaching more than makes up for any small amount of cannibalization that may take place. Customers are going to buy and sell your items regardless of your participation, the question is whether you want to be part of that transaction?

Who handles customer support and issues that arise?

The beauty of Treet is it's entirely hands-off. No need to train your team on managing an entirely new experience. Our team is fully responsible for all customer support and any issues that may arrise. We handle payments, shipping logistics, disbursements and more.

How long does it take to get set up?

We're able to get your site set up and fully integrated with your main site in under a week.