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How fashion brands use Treet to own their resale markets

treet branded resale

Last year, more than a hundred fashion brands launched their own resale markets (Recommerce 100), more than half of them with Treet. This year the number is already trending much higher, and it’s becoming a must-have program for brands looking to drive greater LTV from current customers, attract new ones, and reducing their footprint.

While peer-to-peer resale continues to dominate the resale space, brands are finding other, unique ways to use resale platforms like Treet to help their bottom line.

Here are some creative ways our fashion brands use Treet to build circular business models:

Sozy Pre-loved Shop: In addition to peer-to-peer, Sozy uses Treet to sell through unsold and returned inventory in bulk, dreaming up the idea for Mystery Bags that fly off their digital shelves. Their customer response to this initiative was overwhelmingly positive, helping them sell through 3 years worth of inventory in just 3 months. [full case study here]

Sozy mystery bags pre-loved

Hand Me Dôen: Dôen uses Treet to power their branded trade-in portal where their customers send in items to be resold during flash sales once per quarter. This allows them to control the authenticity and quality of their resold merchandise while still giving their customers secondhand solutions. By implementing these flash sales, they’re building loyalty with existing customers and reaching new customers who may not be able to afford Dôen at full price today, but will tomorrow.

Doen pre-loved trade in

Circularity by tentree: Through a partnership with Treet and SuperCircle, tentree built out a full circle (pun intended) recycle and resale trade-in experience where users send any tentree items to be resold or recycled responsibly. Every item sent in earns a customer store credit on new purchases and keeps used tentree items out of landfills. That store credit can be used to buy new tentree items, and each tentree purchase results in real trees being planted in the wild. Talk about sustainable!

Circularity by tentree trade in program

CUTS Marketplace: CUTS noticed that their VIP customers were trying to hack Facebook groups to manage resale, and decided to give them a 10x easier and safer experience with Treet. Now, customers have access to over 600 authenticated secondhand items on CUTS Marketplace. With the ability to buy directly from the brand and their peers, CUTS has opened up an entire new market of customers to enjoy their pieces.

CUTS Marketplace Pre-Loved

Treet is the fastest and the most flexible resale solution for brands, allowing each to customize its experience that best suits their business needs. If you’re interested in exploring what we can do, set up a time to chat with us here!


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