Launch your own fully-branded secondhand site where your customers can buy & sell items from each other.

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Circularity and incremental revenue are just a few clicks away.

Secondhand shopping is rapidly becoming the way Gen Z and Millenials prefer to shop. It’s also one of the most promising paths toward reducing our environmental impact. Treet helps you participate in the future of shopping while becoming more sustainable in the process.

Become more circular and acquire new customers.


Focus on running your business, we’ll handle resale.

Our team will handle everything from the technical upkeep to dispute resolutions and seller disbursements.

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Customize your shop to make it look and feel like your brand.

Connect your Shopify site to pull in product and customer data, then customize your experience by adding your brand colors and images.

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Empowering customers to buy and sell items from each other.

Your customers are already buying from each other. Provide the destination for them to do this easier while unlocking store credit.

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A laundry list of benefits.

Incremental Revenue

Make more from each item sold

Circular & Sustainable

Help your items avoid the landfill

Acquire New Customers

Your path to a younger and wider audience

Gather Untapped Data

Access data to inform product development


How it works for...



No setup fees subscriptions. Simply customize and launch.



Drive traffic to your Treet site and promote to current customers.

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Get Paid

Earn commission on each sale and grow your audience.

The secret's out.

Resale is booming.


Resale projected to grow 5x in 5 years.

Resale is here to stay. What's your strategy?


40% of Gen Z bought a used item in 2019.


Projected secondhand market in 2024.


Resale grew 25x faster than retail in 2019.

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It's time to own your resale experience. We can help.