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Boyish Expands Sustainable Efforts & Customer Loyalty With Recommerce

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Boyish Jeans is a collection of sustainable women's denim founded by California native, Jordan Nodarse.

At the core of all Boyish collections lies a deep commitment to leaving as little impact on the earth as possible. All jeans are produced with sustainable fabrics through a completely environmentally-friendly and cruelty-free process. Boyish works with ethical factories that use one-third of the amount of water typically needed to produce a pair of jeans, and are working exclusively with recycled fabrics and materials for everything put out by the brand. From hangtags and hardware to the polybags they are shipped in, everything put forth by Boyish is thought through to ensure there is minimal impact on our environment.

Boyish turns to resale to extend the life of their jeans.

Understanding that purchasing a used item can reduce its carbon footprint by 82%, Boyish turned to resale with Treet as a way to further their sustainable mission and further reduce their environmental impact. By launching an official resale program, they can ensure their jeans live a maximum life while providing their community with a dedicated and safe place to shop and sell Boyish secondhand.

“Circularity is not just important for the fashion industry, but for all industries in this world [for the greater good of humanity],” says Jordan, the Founder of Boyish Jeans. “We need to remove the ideas of trash, waste, landfills, etc. in order to adapt a circular mindset for consumers to make more conscious decisions. Treet does a great job connecting both business circularity with consumer circularity. Our customers have been thrilled to have a way to circulate their Boyish jeans that don't suit them anymore to a new beloved owner and feel comfortable about purchasing new items afterward."

The Boyish Consignment Shop is born and their community reaps the benefits.

Sellers on the Boyish Consignment Shop are able to sell their items quickly and easily. With a 56% sell-through rate across all listings, it has rapidly become the best place to buy and sell Boyish secondhand.

Since their customers are able to list items directly from their order history without scavenging to find stock photos, descriptions, and original pricing, they’re able to list items in just a few clicks. According to Freya, a Boyish customer who’s sold multiple items through the Shop, “I have LOVED my experience selling on the Consignment Shop!! The listing process is so easy and I’ve been able to get a fair price for my items without worrying about my listings looking professional. I sold three pairs of jeans in less than a week, much faster than any other platform I’ve ever used.”

Increasing customer LTV for all sellers on their Consignment Shop.

Boyish is able to generate revenue and increase customer LTV from every purchase on their Consignment Shop. It’s especially compelling when sellers redeem their funds as credit back to

Sellers are able to redeem their funds as 100% of the selling price in credit back to Boyish or a lesser value in cash. When they opt for credit, they spend an average 62.5% more than the allotted amount. The math behind this is powerful. By providing a resale journey for their customers, Boyish captures revenue from the resale purchase, gains a new sale on their site, and sellers are able to refresh their wardrobe for a third the price. It’s a win-win across the board.

Boyish reaches new customers with resale.

Resale attracts a different type of customer, one that skews younger, is more price-sensitive, and places greater importance on the environmental impact of their shopping habits. Boyish saw that resale could be an entry point for this new type of customer who wasn’t purchasing from them previously. They were right: 58% of users on the Boyish Consignment Shop have never purchased from previously. These users are able to engage with Boyish in new ways and participate in the community. They get to try out their products at an approachable price and eventually become lifelong customers.

In a TikTok video about Boyish’s resale site, customer Delilah Isabel says, “This is an example of a brand walking the walk when it comes to developing sustainable solutions to their environmental impact.”

It’s still early days for Boyish and their Consignment Shop with so much potential to tap into as it grows. We’re thrilled to be their partner to help thousands of their products loop through a circular journey in the years to come.


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