Read below to learn more about Treet's most frequently asked questions and find answers to common inquiries. Discover valuable information to help you make the most of Treet's services and features.

How does Treet integrate with Shopify?  

Treet integrates with Shopify via an API, which is how Treet is able to access the relevant data to run a smooth listing experience for you and your community.

• Products: Your Product Catalog will appear as "Other [Brand Name] Items" within the listing flow for sellers to choose items from.

• Order History: Your customers can create a Treet account using the same email address that they have purchased products with from your main site. When they begin listing an item for resale, their Order History will appear under “Your [Brand Name] Orders” to create a seamless listing process. If the customer is logged in under a different email address, they can find their Order History by entering their email address or phone number along with their Order Confirmation Number.

• Product Description: When a customer lists an item for resale and the item is approved, the live listing will include a collapsible “Product Description” that is pulled directly from the product in Shopify.

• Stock Images: When a customer lists an item for resale, the product’s stock images will be surfaced to allow users to curate which photos will be surfaced in their listing once approved.

• Prices: Treet will automatically pull in the highest price associated with a product as the “Original Retail Price” price. The seller may adjust this price if they purchased the item at a lower sale price.

• Deleted Products: If products have been historically deleted from Shopify, these will not appear in your Treet Product Catalog. Instead, users can select the “Can’t Find Your Item?” button within the listing flow to manually upload their product and images. Please note, in this case the user’s images will populate your resale site landing page.

How do customers list items for sale on our pre-loved site?

Customers click “Sell your item” in the upper right-hand corner of your resale site, create an account (tip: when customers use the same email they’ve used to purchase from your brand, they can see and list from their order history), and go through the listing process.

Once a customer has added all of the applicable information, they click “Submit” for the post to be reviewed within 24 hours. After it’s reviewed and approved, it will go live. If there are any issues, the customer will receive an email from the Treet team asking to make changes before it can be accepted.

How does my brand receive payouts from Treet?

Treet will send you two types of payouts: Brand Direct payouts (if applicable) and biweekly disbursements. If you are selling brand direct inventory on your resale site, you will receive a Brand Direct payout once a brand direct item is received and verified by the buyer. The payout will reflect your initial 80% earnings from your Brand Direct sales. Disbursements are processed biweekly and reflect your earnings from the Peer sales, as well as the remaining 10% owed on your Brand Direct sales.

How do customers receive payment from Treet when they resell on our pre-loved site?

Customers will be able to choose credit back to the brand or a cash payout. If a customer chooses store credit, they will receive a payout in the form of a gift card back to the brand for up to 110% (determined by the brand). If a customer chooses cash back, they will receive a pay out of 80% of the selling price.

Why should customers shop dedicated pre-loved sites rather than Buy/Sell/Trade Groups?

Treet helps brands launch the best, easiest, and safest shopping experience for their customers to help them find and buy secondhand items. All listings are reviewed prior to going live and purchases are backed by Treet Protection so the customer is guaranteed to receive the product that was promised and will have a 10X better experience with your brand.

Why should customers sell their items on a branded resale site?

Your resale site is the official destination for buying and selling your secondhand items. This is where your brand’s secondhand community lives, which means customers will get the best value for their item and be able to sell it fast. Plus, customers can easily list items by finding them in your brand’s order history through Treet.

How does brand credit work?

Treet issues gift cards to sellers who redeem their funds as credit back to your brand. Each gift card contains a code specific to that customer and can be used on your brand’s main site. The gift card will appear in your brand’s Shopify dashboard alongside your other gift cards, and will have an attached note that indicates which transaction on Treet it corresponds to. Each gift card contains a code specific to that customer.

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