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Girlfriend Collective & Treet: A Partnership for a More Sustainable Future

Updated: Nov 8

treet x girlfriend collective case study

Treet, the leading branded resale platform, and Girlfriend Collective, a pioneer in eco-conscious activewear, joined forces to launch the "Girlfriend to Girlfriend" resale experience. This case study delves into the collaborative strategy that drove the successful launch of this resale program, with a specific focus on how Girlfriend Collective's substantial VIP community played a pivotal role in its success.

Why Girlfriend Collective launched into resale

Girlfriend Collective had been considering launching a resale platform for some time. Their primary goal was to extend the life of their clothes and give their community a second chance at limited-edition styles or colors they may have missed.

Girlfriend Collective selected Treet as their resale partner based on a number of criteria, including:

  • Treet's easy-to-use platform, allowing them to get set up in under two weeks

  • Treet's ability to handle everything from customer service to seller disbursements

  • Treet’s capabilities to match Girlfriend Collective’s style and branding

  • Treet’s user-friendly interface with innovative features like return insurance and background removal

The creation of Girlfriend to Girlfriend

Girlfriend Collective's goals for the newly launched Girlfriend to Girlfriend program were to:

  • Extend the life of their clothes

  • Give their community a second chance at limited-edition styles or colors

  • Provide their community with an easy, trustworthy platform to buy and sell preloved pieces

Girlfriend Collective measured success by tracking the following metrics:

  • Since launching Girlfriend to Girlfriend, 52% of the 4,760 items listed have already sold, with a 55% monthly sell-through rate.

  • Since launching, Girlfriend to Girlfriend averages 61 units sold and 106 new listings per day.

  • Since launching, Girlfriend to Girlfriend has diverted 1,200+ pounds of clothing from the landfill!

Girlfriend Collective x Treet resale

The Role of the VIP Community:

Girlfriend Collective engaged their VIP community in the launch of the Girlfriend to Girlfriend program by offering a promotion that offered 110% (vs. the standard 100%) in brand credit to customers who listed items during the pre-launch period. This promotion generated over 1,700 listings during the week-long period, demonstrating the high level of interest in the program.

Girlfriend Collective Case Study

The Girlfriend to Girlfriend program has been a resounding success, meeting and exceeding Girlfriend Collective's expectations. On the day of launch, over 350 listings were sold, illustrating the strong demand for preloved Girlfriend Collective clothing.

"We've absolutely loved working with Treet! Not only do they make it incredibly easy on us by handling everything from implementation to CX, they also are very communicative and proactive with helping us plan out marketing efforts, etc." - May Saelee, COO of Girlfriend Collective _______

Recommendations for Other Fashion Brand Leaders Looking to Drive into Resale

Girlfriend Collective encourages all fashion brand leaders to consider the lifespan of their products – they can be extended much longer with a viable resale platform. Any brand with limited edition styles or excess inventory would be a great fit for Treet.


Girlfriend Collective highly recommends Treet to other fashion brand leaders considering implementing resale. They found Treet to be a reliable and trustworthy partner, and they were impressed with the ease and success of the launch process.

Overall, the Girlfriend to Girlfriend resale program is a prime example of how successful brand partnerships can be created to achieve shared sustainability goals. Treet and Girlfriend Collective have worked together to create a platform that allows Girlfriend Collective customers to extend the life of their clothes and reduce waste. The program has also been well-received by Girlfriend Collective's VIP community, demonstrating the strong demand for preloved sustainable fashion.

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