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Coclico Unlocks New Revenue Stream and Customers with Resale

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

About Coclico

Coclico is an NYC based footwear line who believes that luxury isn’t the ability to purchase endlessly, but the privilege of choosing wisely. In line with their ethos, Coclico is committed to using materials and manufacturing processes that are eco-conscious, and their shoes are produced in limited quantities and crafted in Spain using sustainable practices.

With an emphasis on slow fashion and timeless designs, Coclico wanted to launch a resale marketplace so their customers could have access to shop gently worn Coclico shoes and sell their own for cash or brand credit. Partnering with Treet, they launched a resale site in February 2021, kicking off with a virtual Sample Sale.

Hosting a Safe and Successful Sample Sale in 2021

In order to kick off their resale experience with a bang, Coclico decided to launch a collaborative sample sale. This allowed them to invite their community to participate by listing their old shoes while giving Coclico an opportunity to sell last-pair, photoshoot, and unsold inventory at a discounted price.

Through Treet, they were able to quickly upload all items, and the virtual nature of the sale allowed Coclico fans from across the country to participate. Unlike a chaotic in-person sale, users could easily filter by size, style, and price to suit their needs. The Sample Sale was a success, selling over 50% of units in 48 hours, and priming Coclico customers to embrace the resale model.

Driving Ongoing Success with Peer-to-Peer Resale

Since the Sample Sale, Coclico Pre-Loved has been operating as a thriving peer-to-peer marketplace with minimal effort. Customers have listed over 300 pairs of shoes, and the site offers a wide breadth of styles and sizes for new shoppers. It’s become the community’s go-to destination for shopping Coclico secondhand.

Expanding beyond their existing community, 24% of shoppers on the Coclico Pre-Loved site are net new shoppers, meaning they have never purchased from the main Coclico site. By offering a resale path, Coclico is able to reach an entirely new customer base who may be more price-sensitive, or who seek to minimize their footprint by purchasing secondhand. Their Pre-Loved site is also a great entry point for customers to try Coclico on for size, and ultimately convert into both secondhand and regular Coclico customers.

Generating Hands-Off Revenue & Strengthening LTV

Coclico builds further brand loyalty and increases customer LTV by offering sellers two payout options for their Pre-Loved sales: a cash payout of 80%, or a brand credit payout of 100%, whichever the seller prefers. Over half of sellers opt for brand credit to purchase new Coclico items on their main site; these users spend an average 175% of the allotted credit, generating incremental revenue for Coclico.

Increasing Sustainability with Ease

While increasing a brand’s sustainability efforts can be a daunting task, there are many low-lift steps brands can take (that don’t involve an overhaul of their supply chain). With sustainability as a core tenet of Coclico’s values, they knew keeping their shoes in circulation—creating a path other than the landfill— was of the utmost importance. Through resale, Coclico has been able to increase their environmental efforts in a self-sustaining way that rewards both buyers and sellers. As a bonus, Coclico has also gained positive press by participating in resale, being recognized in publications such as The Good Trade as a “Favorite Ethical Luxury Fashion” brand.

Coclico’s Pre-Loved site enables them to have a low-lift way to convert new shoppers, increase revenue, and bolster both brand loyalty and sustainability efforts. If you’re interested in the value that resale can provide for your brand, feel free to send us a note—we’re excited to help!


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