November 17, 2023

How Treet is Helping Rough & Tumble Drive Loyalty and Repeat Purchases

With 84% of sellers choosing brand credit over cash, Treet is helping Rough & Tumble boost loyalty and repeat purchases.

Customer Stories
November 17, 2023

of sellers choose brand credit over cash


of R&T users created Treet accounts

Rough & Tumble, a maker of rugged and understated luxury bags, partnered with Treet, a leading branded resale platform, in 2021 to launch the "Rough & Tumble Pre-Loved" resale program. The program was designed to help Rough & Tumble take ownership of its existing and thriving resale market. It has since helped Rough & Tumble drive loyalty and repeat purchases on its main site while also providing a unique community-building outlet for brand enthusiasts to buy and sell custom designs from each other.

Rough & Tumble selected Treet as its resale partner after a thorough evaluation process, based on criteria such as branding, ease of use, and customer service. Treet was able to create a resale platform that was on-brand with Rough & Tumble’s aesthetic and easy for both buyers and sellers to use. Additionally, Treet took care of all customer service inquiries, which was important for Rough & Tumble as a made-to-order company with a high focus on manufacturing.

Rough & Tumble decided to dive into resale for several reasons, including:

  • To gain ownership of the Rough & Tumble secondhand community that already existed on Facebook, Poshmark, and other third-party marketplaces.
  • To retain current customers by giving them a trusted platform to buy and sell Rough & Tumble bags.
  • To attract new customers who were looking for budget-friendly prices or who only purchased resale and valued sustainable shopping.

The program has been successful in achieving all of its goals. At Rough & Tumble, 84% of sellers choose to receive brand credit instead of cash, which they can then use to buy something new. This indicates that sellers are confident in the quality of their Rough & Tumble bags and are willing to reinvest in the brand.

In addition to these quantitative metrics, Rough & Tumble also measured the success of the resale program by observing how it was being integrated into the community. For example, the company was pleased to see the high traffic to their resale site and that customers were using Treet codes to place multiple custom orders. This indicated that the resale platform was driving new customers and becoming a trusted and respected part of the Rough & Tumble community.

“The opportunity to regain ownership of a crucial piece of Rough & Tumble's community and provide a brand experience that aligns with the same experience customers expect on our own website, including communication, visuals, and policies, is a no-brainer.” - Emily Smith, Brand Creative Strategist, Rough & Tumble

What started as a peer-to-peer resale program test, evolved to cover all Rough & Tumble branded items, custom inventory, and vintage pieces that our customers love to buy and sell. After hearing the positive feedback from our customers, it was easy to be “all in” with Treet.

In the coming years, Rough & Tumble envisions its resale program growing to become a destination for returns and a key part of the brand's membership program. The company also plans to integrate the resale platform with its membership program, allowing customers to earn points for signing up for the Rough & Tumble Treet newsletter or for selling a bag on Treet. These points can then be redeemed for discounts on future purchases.

In conclusion, the Rough & Tumble Pre-Loved program is a successful example of how a fashion brand can use resale to drive loyalty and repeat purchases. Treet has been a key partner in the program's success, providing Rough & Tumble with a platform that is easy to use and that aligns with the brand's values.

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