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Brands, meet Treet Shop!

In the past year we’ve helped dozens of fashion brands launch their own branded resale experiences. As the secondhand market continues to heat up (it’s expected to reach $77B by 2025), this is the golden moment for fashion retail to evolve its business model – a crucial activity for survival in the Gen-Z era.

As brands take their first steps towards recommerce, they’re looking for solutions that are easy to implement and add value right away. They come to us because we meet this criteria, and serve as a resource for navigating the secondhand market for the first time. We handle all the resale site setup, logistics, and work closely with them to ensure resale is effectively integrated into their customer journey. In order to further help brands find success with resale, we’re excited to unveil the Treet Shop.

Treet Shop is the secondhand shop directory of our brands, all in one place. Aimed at driving brand discoverability, bringing new customers to our brands, and increasing resale sales volume, it will be a unique marketing tool for all of our partners to take advantage of. Think of it as your secret weapon to growing recommerce after the initial launch.

As you go to market with your recommerce site, you’ll find that it’s fairly easy to attract secondhand buyers and sellers from your core following. Naturally, the savvy eco-conscious consumer will find your shop – in fact, partners report an average of 20% net new customers shopping secondhand within the first month. With marketing help from your team, you’ll be able to encourage your current customers to sell something old in order to get something new. Treet Shop will then be an extension of your marketing channels, reaching a new consumer market you otherwise wouldn’t have access to. It’s our foray into cultivating a strong secondhand shopper community to share with our brand partners long term.

As the Treet community grows, Treet Shop will become the one-stop-shop with the largest collection of brand-driven resale experiences and a win-win-win for brands, your customers, and the planet at large.

See Treet Shop in action here and sign up for our mailing list below to receive updates from us every month!

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