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Raising Glasses and Awareness: Highlights From Our Earth Month Events

Sustainability Soiree

In celebration of Earth Month this April, the Treet team hosted lively events in LA and San Francisco to spark conversations about circularity in fashion. As brands recognize that sustainability is a top priority for 65% of consumers, we sought to create a welcoming and engaging space to discuss this critical topic among fashion leaders.

We brought together leading fashion brand representatives, sustainability influencers, podcasters, and our friends at the Nooworks and Whimsy+Row storefronts. We fostered a meaningful dialogue around sustainability and the initiatives brands can take to push them closer to circularity.

Sustainability Soirée with Treet & Whimsy + Row

Los Angeles, a city renowned for embracing sustainable fashion, was the natural choice to kick off our Earth Month celebrations. There, we partnered with Whimsy+Row, a women's clothing brand dedicated to minimizing their environmental impact. Their commitment resonated deeply with our own values.

We hosted a dynamic gathering at Whimsy+Row's Venice Beach storefront, bringing together dozens of fashion brands for an engaging discussion. The focus of the event? The powerful impact of resale and the success story behind Whimsy+Row's innovative program, "Wear it Again Whimsy." This peer-to-peer resale platform empowers customers to extend the lifespan of their Whimsy+Row pieces by buying and selling pre-loved items. The happy hour also offered a unique opportunity for attendees to browse Whimsy+Row's archived collections.

We were excited to be joined by fashion leaders from brands like Kut from the Kloth, Taos Footwear, Tie Bar, and many more.

Circular Cheers with Treet & Nooworks

Our partner, Nooworks, joined forces with us to bring the conversation of resale to the city of San Francisco. We hosted brand leaders from Marine Layer, True Classic, Birdy Grey, and more, in the Nooworks storefront to enjoy engaging conversations and an in-depth panel focused on their resale shop, Nooworks Full Circle

In a dynamic panel, Jake Disraeli, CEO & Co-founder of  Treet, and Sydney Vineyard, Store Manager of Nooworks, dove into the impact resale has made on the Nooworks community and how it’s informed and elevated their business goals. Nooworks Full Circle is a peer-to-peer resale solution where shoppers can buy and sell sold-out styles and pre-loved pieces. Here are some key takeaways from the panel: 

  • Widespread Community Adoption: 65% of sellers choose brand credit when reselling on Nooworks Full Circle and spend 268% over their brand credit limit when redeeming credit.

  • Limited Edition Finds: Nooworks Full Circle provides an avenue for shoppers to buy hard-to-find pieces from exclusive launches.

  • Data-Driven Collections: Using their resale shop to understand which patterns are most desired from their customers, Nooworks invites back artists from those past collections to launch new inventory.

Our events challenged the idea that resale is stagnant and showcased how secondhand can be specifically suited to a brand’s goals. Thank you to our partner, Hawke Media, a marketing powerhouse agency, who co-sponsored these events with us. 

Enjoy these photos from our events - Cheers!


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