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Treet raises $3.5M to help modern brands grow responsibly with branded resale

Fashion brands are stuck between what feels like two opposing focuses: the pressure to grow and the pressure to be more sustainable. Traditional growth levers do not take the environment into consideration. Branded resale is one of the only new channels that can drive LTV while helping clothes live longer, but until recently, getting started has been time consuming and expensive.

Treet is a branded resale platform that helps brands drive LTV while becoming more sustainable.

Our mission at Treet is to help brands grow responsibly by ensuring every item they produce lives its longest life.

Today’s fashion industry works in a linear business model. Brands sell an item to a consumer and then lose sight of it. Revenue is created only once. Branded resale feeds worn clothes back into the market, creating a circular business model. That same item creates revenue multiple times with less strain on the environment.

While resale has been a hot topic in recent years, according to the Future of Fashion Resale Report by Business of Fashion (BoF), only 5-7% of all clothing items that can be resold, actually get resold. There is a ton of opportunity for brands to own their resale markets and encourage even more sellers to participate –we’re making it fast and easy to do so.

Treet partners with brands to help them launch their own resale experiences in under a week — and make them profitable from day 1. Brands can finally control their own resale markets, set floor pricing, and provide cash or credit as payout options. They can earn 2-3x more when their customers select credit to the brand at payout, driving a significantly higher LTV without lifting a finger.

In addition to driving growth, resale keeps more items out of landfills by providing a path for them to be easily rehomed when the consumer is done with them. ThredUP’s 2022 Resale Report states that extending the life of even just one item through resale reduces its environmental impact by 82%. Since resale puts used items back in circulation, brands that offer resale become more sustainable in the process. It’s a win-win.

Branded resale that helps modern brands grow responsibly.

While many brands we talk with have considered bringing resale in-house before, they’ve found it too difficult and time-consuming to implement. Other offerings are slow, expensive, and require heavy lifting from internal teams to work well. That’s where we come in.

Treet can build anything from peer-to-peer resale to fully managed take-back programs, as well as combinations of the two, all based on the brand’s needs. We handle integration, shipping, customer support, and even marketing to ensure the success of the resale program. Modern brands like DÔEN, CUTS, Boyish, tentree, The Beaufort Bonnet Co., Nooworks, and BRYR, to name a few, have all seen incremental revenue and customer growth from their branded resale programs this year. And we’re happy to report that Treet now powers more than 50% of all branded resale experiences live today.

New funding to bring branded resale to more brands.

We’re excited to be partnering with First Round Capital, who led our $3.5M seed round to help grow our team, accelerate our brand partnerships, launch new categories and markets, and add additional resale features to our platform. We’re also honored that other world-class investors from our pre-seed round participated in this round, including Bling Capital, Techstars, Interlace, Alante Ventures, BAM Ventures, and BBG Ventures. To date, we’ve raised $6.4M in funding across pre-seed and seed rounds.

"Treet's platform makes branded resale a no-brainer for e-commerce companies looking for a meaningful way to grow while being more sustainable in the process. Given changing consumer preferences, I believe resale will be table-stakes for all brands in the near future,” said Hayley Barna, Partner at First Round Capital. “First Round is thrilled to invest in Treet, a pioneer in branded resale, building the most flexible resale platform for ecommerce brands and we support Treet’s mission to help every item live its longest life."

We are especially grateful to the brands, shoppers, and sellers who believed in Treet’s mission from the start and helped prove that branded resale is a winning strategy.

Interested in working with us? Reach out to us here or learn more at


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