January 18, 2024

Event Recap: Circular Soirée with Dôen, Treet, and Loop

Treet hosted a happy hour in NYC to highlight Dôen's resale program and talk circularity with other brand leaders.

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January 18, 2024

Over the weekend, the Treet team journeyed to NYC to exhibit at NRF’s Big Show where we connected with hundreds of forward-thinking brands and partners. During the show, we discovered that over 90% of the brands we spoke with were not just aware of branded resale, but actively engaged in internal discussions about where resale fits in their brand strategy. The narrative has shifted from asking "What is branded resale?" to a more strategic inquiry – "How can our brand leverage its advantages?"

In response to this pivotal question, our NYC trip presented the perfect opportunity to showcase branded resale in action. In collaboration with our tech partner Loop and brand partner Dôen, we curated an event called, Circular Soiree, at the Dôen boutique on Bleecker St. The event celebrated Dôen’s resale program, Hand Me Dôen, and aimed to foster meaningful dialogue about circularity in fashion.

Our event featured a lively panel discussion led by Elizabeth Segran, Fast Company's top retail reporter, alongside key industry figures: Jake Disraeli, Co-Founder & CEO of Treet; Tara Daly, Sr. Partnership Manager at Loop; and Christina Castle, Impact Manager at Dôen. The discussion delved into the profound impact resale is making toward Dôen's sustainability goals and offered insight into how brands can effectively embrace and benefit from the principles of branded resale. Here are some key insights from the panel:

The success of Hand Me Dôen: In 2022, we collaborated with Dôen to create a unique trade-in program, enhancing their commitment to environmental responsibility and prolonging the lifespan of their exquisite clothing through resale. Dôen's durable, high-quality garments, already popular on third-party sites, became an ideal fit for branded resale. Recognizing the potential, Dôen dedicated resources to launch its resale experience, simplifying garment rehoming for customers while economically benefiting the brand. Since its launch, Hand Me Dôen has proven a powerful customer acquisition tool, with 20% of shoppers in their resale shop being new to the brand. Notably, these new customers often hail from previously untapped markets, allowing Dôen to connect with price-conscious and sustainably-focused consumers.

How Treet helps brands launch resale programs: We excel in predicting a brand's resale value and swiftly building a platform to maximize its secondhand market within days. While some brands like Dôen adopt a hands-on approach by establishing internal teams for resale, we also provide a flexible and stackable solution for brands that prefer a lighter touch.

How Loop fits into the circularity conversation: With a multi-destination integration, Loop (also a partner of Dôen), efficiently routes returns to the closest warehouse, enabling faster resale. Loop also partners with brands to direct second-quality returns into branded resale channels like Treet, maximizing item lifecycles and profits while minimizing waste.

Our event aimed to challenge the notion that resale must follow a singular path, sparking conversations about how brands can ride the secondhand wave of fashion uniquely suited for their brand.

We want to extend a huge ‘thank you’ to fashion leaders from brands like KITH, J.Crew, Hammitt, DVF, and more, who braved the snowstorm to join us. We’re excited to host many more events in the future – in the meantime, enjoy these photos from the event.


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