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How to incorporate repairs into your resale strategy

How to incorporate repairs into your resale strategy

Most brands and retailers have inventory that is unsellable straight from production due to minor damages, or due to returns. Sadly, those brands don’t have a great solution for dealing with such items, and they either end up sitting on warehouse shelves or worse – in landfills.

Some innovative brands have turned to branded resale to offload imperfect inventory at a lower price point. Brands like Sozy and Coclico often use their Treet-powered resale platform to run online sample sales, and have seen tremendous success. Still, there are items that can’t be sold as they currently are: too good to be recycled but not good enough to bring in revenue is a tough spot to be in for these clothing items that are dying to be worn.

In April, Hemster, the tailor and alterations specialist, made a bold announcement of their goal to extend garment lifespans by 25,000 years before the end of 2022.

Fast forward to August, 2022: Hemster announced their leap towards that goal with the launch of the Modern Citizen x Hemster Revive Collection.

Like most brands, Modern Citizen had flawed inventory that wasn’t sellable through their main eCommerce site. Before Hemster Revive, these never-been-owned garments had uncertain futures simply because of a broken button, small hole, or missing size tag.

Leveraging its proprietary tailoring technology, Hemster has built a platform for brands to maximize their damaged inventory potential. Hemster Revive powers full-circle garment recovery, starting with digitalization, then refurbishment, and ending with our transparent insights report for the world’s leading brands. By partnering with us, they listed the repaired items to be sold, worn and enjoyed.

The launch of the Modern Citizen x Hemster Revive Collection on Treet is the result of their joint commitment to keep more garments in circularity. Each garment has been repaired to celebrate its journey and be worn to its full potential, for many years to come.

This collection features first-hand garments that have been expertly revived from light damage to create high quality inventory. In just a few weeks, the first Revive Collection with Modern Citizen has:

  • Saved over 900 garments (shoppable here)

  • Added 3,335 wearable years to garment lifespans

  • Mitigated 992kg of CO2 emissions

  • Eliminated 1,400 lbs of textile waste

Contact us ( to learn more about how to build a resale and repairs program like this!

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