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with Branded Resale

Grow revenue and reduce your footprint with branded resale. Get started with the most robust and customizable resale solution on the market.

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Our Stackable Solutions

Unlock the power of Treet's stackable resale solutions. Mix-and-match to build a perfect resale program that fits your brand and customers.

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Our Solutions

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Customers buy and sell from each other for cash or brand credit
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Why Branded Resale?

Drive Revenue

increase in incremental revenue unlocked

Boost Loyalty

of allotted credit spent when redeemed on new items

Acquire Customers

of resale shoppers are new to your brand

Be Sustainable

CO2 emission reduction per item resold

Treet helps Wolven expand our sustainability mission by extending the lifespan of our apparel and empowering our customers to decrease their environmental footprint by embracing resale.

Will Ryan

You have really good retention and what you're creating means something to people, if people are willing to even go and resell it. Treet feels like an indicator that you have a community that's growing on the trailing wake of your brand

Sam Mendelsohn
Operations Officer

We're thrilled to have partnered with Treet to seamlessly craft a branded resale program that embodies the essence of Galia Lahav and champions sustainability within the bridal industry as the first of its kind.

Idan Lahav
Galia Lahav

Treet does a great job connecting both business circularity with consumer circularity. Our customers have been thrilled to have a way to circulate their Boyish jeans that don't suit them anymore to a new beloved owner and feel comfortable about purchasing new items afterward.

Jordan Nodarse

We are proud to partner with Treet for their vision of a more sustainable fashion industry and persistence in making resale shopping a seamless, meaningful experience for customers and brands alike.

Emily Thompson
Elizabeth Suzann
Head of Marketing

The opportunity to regain ownership of a crucial piece of Rough & Tumble's community and provide a brand experience that aligns with the same experience customers expect on our own website, including communication, visuals, and policies, is a no-brainer.

Emily Smith
Rough & Tumble
Brand Creative Strategist

We've absolutely loved working with Treet! Not only do they make it incredibly easy on us by handling everything from implementation to CX, they also are very communicative and proactive with helping us plan out marketing efforts, etc.

May Saelee
Girlfriend Collective

Customer Stories

Get inspired by how top DTC brands are using Treet's resale solutions.

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